Based in Lawrence, Kansas, The Anchor Church was founded in January 2018. Individuals who join an Anchor Life Group will learn about the church’s groups and leaders, as well as have the opportunity to socialize with their community.

The Anchor Church At Lawrence, Kansas, is committed to helping people experience God’s grace, favor and strengthen their faith.

The Anchor Church is all about new beginnings, a new church, and a fresh start for the future. 

It was founded in January of 2018. However, their story began in 2015, when lead pastors Alex and Brooke Graves felt God calling them to leave the campus ministry they enjoyed and start a church in Lawrence.

In the following weeks and months, God began to open doors and arouse the emotions of others about the prospective future over Lawrence that included The Anchor Church. This is the dreaming, belonging, creating, and loving history of how The Anchor Church was born.

Alex and Brooke love people and enjoy living life with them in their community. They’ll walk alongside individuals as they journey through the highs and lows of life together.

They have a heart for the broken and lost, as well as those who are hurting. Alex and Brooke want to help people experience God’s good plan in their lives, guide them into it through life-giving community groups, and pour themselves out for others every day of the week.

The Anchor Church is passionate about seeing individuals feel welcome when they walk through the doors for the very first time. They strive to see lives transformed by God’s love and grace, with people experiencing new beginnings in every area of their lives, whether in family relationships, friendships, or careers.

The Anchor Church is committed to teaching individuals what faith looks like when they follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and how they can lean on Him to see real transformation in their lives.

The Anchor Church also puts a lot of effort into focusing on the youth in their Christian community, and they have established an Anchor youth ministry. They are dedicated to providing high school and middle school students with the opportunity to encounter Jesus in a way that will last forever.

The Anchor Church also offers a variety of life groups for those seeking further community support and assistance. Women’s groups, youth, men’s, and growth tracks are some of the organizations available.

If you’re looking for a Christian Church in Lawrence, KS, you’re more than invited to learn more about the inspiring community at The Anchor Church. 

About The Anchor Church

Anchor is an Assemblies of God US Christian Church that was established 3 years ago in Lawrence, Kansas