An amusing looks on what’s it like to treat cows as pets

Dr. Barbara ten Brink’s “Eight Pound Cows” is a fun and pleasant children’s book with the author envisioning cows as eight-pound pets. Dr. Brink got her idea for this story when she bought a ranch in Gruen, Texas and fenced 1000-pound cows. Having two poodles weighing only eight pounds, she imagined what it would be like if cows were the same. She could play with them, bring them to pet parks, train them, or bathe them. The cows would be so easy to pet and domesticate because they are calm and docile.
Young readers will surely enjoy the charm this book brings. Aside from the endearing story and the beautiful artwork, children are encouraged to engage fully with the text by letting their imagination run freely. They can write or illustrate their thoughts on how they can take care of their pet cows and have adventures with them. This is definitely a great exercise to improve kids’ writing and drawing skills. A great addition to children’s collection especially during these stressful times.

Dr. Barbara ten Brink is a native Texan who has lived in Japan, Germany, Maryland, and Virginia. She owns a twenty-acre ranch in Gruene, Texas where she builds fences, hoes cactus, and runs cows. Dr. Brink coordinated science instruction and teacher training for special projects offered to Austin Independent School District, an urban district of 82,000 students. She retired in December of 2019. Dr. Brink has already published several books, including “Traveling with Isaac Newton,” “Choosing the Path of Teaching – A Letter from Mentor to Mentee,” and “The Haiku of Barbara ten Brink.” She is married to Henri A. ten Brink, a lawyer. They have an only child named Sam. For more information about Dr. Brink and her books, visit
Eight Pound Cows
Barbara ten Brink
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