Primos Coffee Business is a premium specialty coffee company based in Cove, Texas, that provides 100% arabica coffee produced in the highlands of Jinotega, Nicaragua. It produces some of Texas’s best green coffee beans and ground, whole-bean, and decaffeinated coffee.

Coffee is an essential drink in some people’s life. At times getting the best cup of joe keeps you alert and steady for the first part of the morning, as well as enjoying its aroma and unique taste. In Texas, there are plenty of coffee providers. Still Primos Coffee Company grows its specialty coffee beans in the mountains of Nicaragua.

When it comes to coffee beans, Primos Coffee has excellent quality control and excels at offering premium quality beans in the comfort of your home.

Their premium cherries grow on their family’s farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua. Their harvesting process is carefully managed—They are handpicked, washed, and water-milled with spring water daily. Aside from that, they are cautiously placed and grown under the canopy of the tall mountain trees of Nicaragua. Their slow-ripening process adds to its delightful flavor.

Once their unroasted arabica coffee beans are left out drying in the intense heat of the Nicaraguan sun, They are directly transported to their Texas roasting facility, where they undergo a precise roasting process. During this process, they start drum-roasting small batches to ensure product quality. This results in a perfectly medium-roasted specialty coffee with low acidity and a smooth body. 

Primos Coffee Company’s beans are not considered a fairtrade product. Fairtrade usually focuses on obtaining better trading conditions for small farmer cooperatives. While Primos Coffee Co’s premium coffee beans are traded directly from their farmer in Nicaragua, so first-hand delivery is guaranteed.

Even though decaf coffee has a terrible image due to lesser coffee beans and chemical processing, we utilize the same specialty-grade beans and no chemical procedures, just water. The result is a delicious cup of coffee that is just lacking in caffeine.

Our beans go through the Mountain Water Process, which is a delicate process using only pure water from the Pico de Orizaba mountain to remove the caffeine from the coffee beans.

Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast, getting into the wonderful world of coffee, or just a beginner looking for an excellent coffee experience, know that you can get Texas’ finest coffee beans at Primos Coffee Co. The rich green coffee beans make for a wonderful experience, whether you want to go through your roasting process or just to have a cup of coffee. To know more, call or visit their website

Contact: Betty Ann Blandon


About Primos Coffee Co

The family has been growing specialty arabica coffee high in the mountains of Nicaragua since 1929. In 2014, the roasting facility in Cove, Texas was inaugurated, to import and directly sell the coffee to the end consumer. The products vary from unroasted beans to coffee roasters in addition to freshly roasted coffee.