Seasoned art director Carla Scholz has patented an eco-friendly greeting card that doubles as a cleaning cloth. Made from reusable, compostable Swedish sponge cloth, Clards (CLeaning + cARDS) are greetings that clean up – literally.

“I love getting cards but hate throwing them away,” says Scholz. “Clards solve that problem.” Simply add water, and the card magically transforms into a cleaning cloth that does the work of 3,000 paper towels. “It feels good to offer products that are smart and sustainable,” Scholz says.

Clards feature clever graphics that can be used for multiple occasions. A removable label includes the sentiment of the day (Thank You, Happy Birthday) and explains the usefulness of the cloth for cleaning. Givers can write a note inside with a gel pen or a fabric or permanent marker. Recipients enjoy the initial greeting and then relish the personal note for months while cleaning the counters or shining up the stainless.

Scholz is hoping that Clards disrupt the sleepy, wasteful $8 billion+ greeting card industry. Despite declines in the use of non-digital greeting cards, according to the Greeting Card Association, the average household still buys 30 individual greeting cards each year. Where do they end up? Gathering dust on a desk, at the bottom of a drawer, and eventually in the trash, becoming part of the world’s growing disposable waste problem.

Scholz is determined to be part of the solution with her useful dust collector. She’s been working on the Clards idea since 2018, experimenting and perfecting the concept. Now, just in time for holiday giving, Clards are ready for prime-time sales. Shop the full line at,, and retail outlets including Rosedale’s Rose & Loon.

Our Sustainability Story

Like Soak it Up Cloths, Clards are made in Sweden and designed and printed in the United States. The entire line is vegan, compostable, and all-natural. Once wet, they can be used to clean dishes, countertops, paws, faces, mirrors, and more. They can be washed over 200 times in the dishwasher or washing machine and can be sanitized quickly in the microwave or in boiling water. Worn cloths can be chopped up and added to houseplants to help keep soil moist.

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