Born in Tennessee, The CAVU Pilot is an aviation center where you can start learning and practicing your aviation skills and goals. They offer different courses tailored to your needs and schedule for you to accomplish with no limits.

The CAVU Pilot is a Tennessee flight school that offers different courses tailored to your schedule and needs. Their core values help their commitment to success more achievable than other flight schools in the state of Tennessee. 

Founded by an aviation fanatic, Eric Dragonetti, who wanted to create a space where people are allowed to have the opportunity to become the best pilot. At the CAVU Pilot, you aren’t just another student; you care part of the commitment to building the best future aviators in the country.

Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or trying to turn your dream into reality, The CAVU Pilot has the courses you need. Every course was thoughtfully designed to help future pilots with their Designated Pilot Examiners (DPE). Their online courses provide the right learning information and techniques to help future pilots endure their aviation adventure. 

The CAVU Pilot provides a certificate along with endorsements after finishing the online course of your choice. Their courses include online private and instrument pilot ground school as well as checkride preparation for private pilots. 

The CAVU Pilots is properly equipped with the most advanced Garmin avionics in Knoxville, so your flying lessons in Tennessee are more than a class but an experience. People can also take a discovery flight to learn and finalize their decision to start their flight training.  

The company also offers additional information about aviation, depending on your goal. Whether you are thinking of becoming a commercial or private pilot, they got your back. If you are interested in learning about aviation or want to learn more about the courses they offer, make sure to contact them through their website at The company offers the right training and information to get you started with your aviation career. The CAVU Pilot is more than just a training school; it’s a commitment to your success. 

Eric Dragonetti 

About The CAVU Pilot

The CAVU Pilot LLC strive to provide a personal experience that will help pilots reach their goals. With the tailored learning option there is no limit to what it can accomplished. The CAVU Pilot offers flight training services to pilots in the Knoxville, TN region.

Based on their values: Example, initiative, fun, attention to details and staying humble; the CAVU Pilot strives to provide the best service and products to the aviation community.