Exteriors of Texas is a leading expert in the Magnolia, TX, area regarding exterior needs. They are certified, bonded, and insured and are specialized in residential and commercial roofing services. They also offer exterior services, such as residential siding, gutters, fencing, installation & repair.

Exteriors of Texas is recognized for its top-notch service on roofing and exterior solutions. From roof repairs to metal building construction, they can do it all, no matter the size of your project.

Joshua Parker is the founder and president of Exteriors of Texas. He’s a professional in the roofing industry, with over a decade of experience providing residential & commercial services in the Greater Houston area. His knowledge is industry-leading, knowing every detail on every job.

The team of Exteriors of Texas knows how critical it’s to take care of your roof to maintain that your home is in good shape; this is why they provide you with different residential roofing services. Whether you’re building a new house and need to install a roof, or want to repair or replace an old one, they can evaluate your needs and offer a plan of action.

​Additionally, they know you take pride in your home aesthetics. That’s why they can assist you in selecting the perfect shingle material and colors, all of which are produced locally, to ensure that your new roof seamlessly integrates with your existing home’s exterior. They can help you, whether you require a fresh new roof, or simply ensure that your current one is in good working order.

They have a 3-step process that is easy to understand and ensures your satisfaction; First is the complimentary inspection, which one of their experts will schedule according to your availability. Second is the evaluation, where they will provide you with an accurate evaluation of the current condition of your roof, and what needs to be fixed.

The final step is their proposal; once they have all the necessary information about your situation, one of their representatives will get in touch with you to give you several options that best match your needs & budget requirements.

If you’re looking for residential and commercial roofing services in the Magnolia, TX area, Exteriors of Texas can be a smart choice. They’re proven experts in providing high-quality projects that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Visit their website at https://exteriorsoftexas.com/ or call for more information (281) 766-3333.

Contact: Joshua Parker

Email: josh@eotroong.com

About Exteriors Of Texas, LLC

Exteriors of Texas is a leading expert in providing roofing and exterior services in the Greater Houston area. We are certified, insured, and bonded. We specialize in residential, commercial roofing, and exterior services, such as residential & commercial fencing, gutters, and siding.