Ever seen a younger child getting out of their way to comfort an older child when the latter is sad? This complex emotional intelligence skill paired with caring action is “Empathy,” a skill of our modern day and age.

“I believe Empathy is at the heart of what it means to be human,” said Manuela. “I wrote this book to help raise compassionate kids who can better understand and react to others’ feelings,” she continued.

Manuela, the children’s development expert, decided to take action, writing and collaborating with Opal to publish a children’s eBook called, “A Book About Empathy” to help kids understand empathy.

“I wrote it hoping that children will grow up to act with kindness, making a positive difference in the world,” said Manuela. “I think that through reading the book, kids can discuss with their parents or carers about what they learned about Empathy. Parents quite often listen to their kids more than any expert,” Manuela said.

The Story of Maddie

The Book is aimed at 3 to 10-year-olds and features the story of Maddie, a 4-year-old girl who is the book’s main character. Maddie is outgoing, bubbly and along her journey she encounters multiple characters and situations that helps her understand her own emotions and others’ circumstances. She goes on a journey to recognize empathy and share her learnings along the way with young readers.

Illustrated by Anastasiya Kioroglo, the eBook uses colorful illustrations and simple narrative to tell the story of Maddie and her companions on the journey to understand and practice empathy.

“I’m thrilled and proud to work with Opal to write a book about an essential value of what it means to be human,” said Manuela.

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