Committed to Selling Premier Wine Made at Veteran-Owned Vineyards Nationwide, Warrior Wine Donates 20% of Net Profits to Veteran Supporting Charities

When it comes to our nation’s heroes who have risked their lives to defend the integrity of the American flag, can there ever be enough done to repay them? Unfortunately, the current system is not set up to help veterans thrive as they return from service and adjust to civilian life. For this reason, various notable veteran-supporting charities have popped up over the past few decades to lend a helping hand to our nation’s veterans and their families. While these organizations certainly serve a great purpose and are the backbone of veteran support, they often tend to lack an integral element that brings about awareness and lasting change for the cause — community. 

All former service members know that they are warriors together, brothers for life, and no man or woman gets left behind. Former combat veteran Jack Bodolosky has made it his life’s purpose to extend that promise into civilian life as he was purposefully founded various organizations to support veteran needs. He and his business partner Brandon Casella, who is also a combat veteran, sought to create a unique, yet impactful business to spark the change that they wanted to see among the veteran community — and what better way to connect than over a glass of wine? 

In 2018 they created Warrior Wine, an Austin, Texas-based wine-merchant who creates high-quality wine with a greater purpose; to cultivate a purpose-driven community dedicated to supporting not only veteran-supporting charities but veteran-owned businesses. To do this, they use grapes from veteran-owned wineries to craft their proprietary blends of red, white, and rose wines. 

Warrior Wine has committed to donating 20% of their net profits to worthy veteran charities like the PTSD Foundation of America’s Camp Hope, and Warrior Companion, a non-profit helping veterans obtain pet insurance for their service animals. Every bottle of wine sold helps Jack and Brandon fulfill their mission and duty to give back to those who honorably defend our American way of life.

“The truth is, all veterans pay with their lives. Some pay all at once, others pay over a lifetime.” – JM Storm

While they may have only been warriors for a brief time, all veterans are connected as a family for life. Warrior Wine hopes to breathe new life into that promise as they create a community of like-minded patriots and wine connoisseurs committed to giving back to our nation’s finest.   

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About Warrior Wine

Warrior Wine is a combat veteran-owned wine merchant dedicated to helping our nation’s heroes achieve their goals once they return home from service. Founded by Jack Bodolosky and Brandon Casella in 2018, Warrior Wine seeks to create high-quality wines from veteran-owned wineries to make a lasting impact on the community. Twenty percent of Warrior Wine proceeds are donated to veteran-supporting charities like Warrior Companion, which helps disabled veterans obtain pet insurance for their service animals and the PTSD Foundation of America’s Camp Hope.