The Boulder Symphony has created content for orchestras to bring to audiences all across the country for eight seasons.

Boulder Symphony will perform Remix, a Curiosity Concert on  Sunday, October 31 at 3PM. Families are welcome to dress up in their favorite costume, and  experience the Symphony with Mozart, Professor Snooty, and Conductor Devin Patrick Hughes.  Kids will experience music from Tchaikovsky and Vivaldi to Metallica, Lil Nas X, and Harry Potter. Adults will learn about how classical music has evolved over the centuries. Instruments  featured include percussion, electric guitar, keyboards, and all of the strings including violin,  viola, cello, and bass. 

The concert coincides with the grand opening of the Boulder Symphony Music Academy, which  will allow music enthusiasts of all ages and levels to pursue their passion with members of the  Boulder Symphony community. Students at the Academy will be able to put their newly forged  skills to use in an ensemble that performs free concerts for the community. 

The Curiosity Concerts are a hallmark of the Boulder Symphony’s vision: to uplift the human  spirit. The Symphony wants community members of all backgrounds to experience the magic of  the orchestra and classical music in a casual, informative, and enjoyable setting. As a  community collaborator, the Symphony has partnered with youth organizations from high school  drum lines to youth symphonies and after school music education organizations. 

“We have so much fun putting these concerts together,” commented Boulder Symphony founder  and Music Director Devin Patrick Hughes. “We believe everyone deserves access to the most  provocative and inspiring aspects of culture, music, and art, and the symphony orchestra is the  one place where people of all different backgrounds come together to create a shared  experience of storytelling, entertainment, and deep spiritual connection.” 

The Boulder Symphony has created content for orchestras to bring to audiences all across the  country for eight seasons. Past performances and themes include: Mayhem on Canyon  Boulevard, Steal This Concert: a Lesson in Music Borrowing and Imitation, Classical Case of  Mixed Emotion, and more. 

“I wish that when I was a child we had an opportunity to attend an event like Boulder  Symphony’s Curiosity Concerts! To get dressed up, laugh and hear amazing music presented in  such a fun way with characters, conflicts and fun outcomes is a great way to spend an  afternoon,” enthused local music teacher and parent Dana Vachharajani. “My three children  look forward to it every year!”