Digital conversations involving fintechs and the mortgage industry typically revolve around fintechs who automate the mortgage lending process, those who’ve created an integrated user experience to speed up the buying process, and those who handle data processing, alleviating extensive amounts of paperwork. What is not being addressed are closing costs and how they can make or break someone from becoming a homeowner and getting their offer accepted. However, empowers Veterans to make the best financial decisions around their most significant asset, their home, helps buyers streamline their closing costs through short-term payment options. Historically, housing has been one of the best ways for Americans to build wealth, yet many Americans are prevented from being homeowners due to economic barriers, closing costs being one of those. 

“The upfront costs when buying a home is the biggest barrier of entry to homeownership – no doubt a reason why the VA created the 100% financing benefit,” says Josh Kaplan, CEO of “What was overlooked, though, is closing costs, which average about 3-5% of the purchase price. Many veterans and just your average American, in general, can’t afford $10,000 out of pocket but could easily afford it every month. We cannot be more excited to partner with Lead Bank and to help get more Veterans into homes, setting them up for long-term financial success.”


“Having the ability to streamline closing costs directly through Lead Bank’s banking platform bolsters our digital lending expertise by providing another real-time financial service. provides an additional Banking as a Service solution allowing us to support the client and the fintech while continuing to deliver on the specialized needs of our clients,” said Brooke Clouse, SVP, Deputy Chief Operating Officer.


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About is filling the funding gap with VA loans, empowering veterans financially, and giving our partnered VA buyers, realtors, and lenders a competitive edge in a dense market. For more information, visit