Reviveadservermod, a leading plugin vendor for revive ad servers, has released the VAST video plugin, a video ad serving platform. It entails sending and receiving VAST requests and responses from the video player in order to bring the ad server back to life. VAST 2.0, VAST 3.0, VAST 4.0, and VAST 4.1 are supported by the VAST video ads plugin for the revive ad server

Actions like impression, click, play, pause, mute, stop, replay, and other video-related events are covered by the VAST reaction. When the response is received, the video ad will begin to play on the video player on the desktop, mobile devices, and mobile applications.

The tracking events collect data from the player and send it to the revive ad server while the advertisement is being played. Each video ad’s reports are generated using the acquired data. VAST video plugin’s other important capabilities include statistical reports and video ad pods.

The statistics report keeps track of the number of impressions and clicks on a specific video advertisement, as well as the duration of time the user watched the ad and the number of commercials they skipped.

The video ad pod is an ad format that the plugin supports. It has a commercial break-style succession of adverts that play one after the other. The ad pod is divided into many ad spots, each with a single advertisement. Linear advertisements, nonlinear ads, companion ads, wrapper ads, and skippable video ads are the application programming interface of supportive video ads.

For video and third-party tracking events, it provides clear and straightforward statistical data. Tracking events collect data from the player while the advertisement is playing and send it to the remarketing ad server. The data from each video ad is utilized to create reports. Each version of VAST supports specific video players, and the plugin includes all versions of VAST in order to send adverts to any video player that supports VAST.