Starting from scratch in multifamily real estate investing, Jerome Myers has built a multi-million dollar portfolio. Through his Dreamcatchers podcast, which has just crossed the 150 episode threshold, Myers seeks to inspire others by sharing how ordinary people achieve their dreams and rise above mediocrity.

Since it first aired in 2019, Dreamcatchers has been sharing the inspirational stories of individuals who dared to chase their dreams and make them a reality. Now in its third year of production with Chief Inspirational Officer and host Jerome Myers, the podcast features over 150 episodes and has been the vehicle to share over 150 unique stories.

Myers’s own dreams of achieving real estate investing success became a reality, but not without some difficulty. After leaving his job in corporate America, he learned through first-hand experience how challenging dream realization can be. Now, his 4-step “Myers Methods” process to realizing success in multifamily real estate investing assists others navigating the same path to financial freedom.

“Every person has a dream,” said Myers. “Sometimes those dreams seem so big, or the path seems too difficult that getting there just seems too hard, so we never try. Dreamcatchers is there to show people their dreams should be real.”

The guests featured on Dreamcatchers come from all walks of life, with aspirations as varied as they are. The variety of guests and their relatable accounts reflect Myers’s efforts to promote success for a wide variety of minority groups in all aspects of life. The Myers Development Group supports diversity in investing by paving a path to overcoming cultural barriers to building personal wealth among first-generation investors.

“Whether it be through my multifamily investing course or through sharing inspirational stories on the Dreamcatchers podcast, I hope the underlying message people hear is that there is a path to success,” remarked Myers. “Their dreams should be their reality!”

Myers’s unique story of investment success has been featured in Black Enterprise, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur. To learn more about Jerome Myers or the stories he shares in his Dreamcatchers podcast, visit

About Jerome Myers

Jerome Myers is the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of DreamCatchers and The Myers Development Group. His multifamily real estate course educates people on how to find the best real estate deals and invest in multifamily apartments.