Laidback versatile rapper B.I.G.G. Cool DaPoet stands out effortlessly in the crowd with his strong rap vocabulary and exquisite hip-hop melody in ‘In My Zone’.

Washington, D.C, District of Columbia Oct 21, 2021 (  – Releasing a bunch of new compositions and having a lot more in store for the future, an artist who seems to have everything sorted out to enjoy a lasting stay in the competitive world of hip-hop is B.I.G.G. Cool DaPoet. The Laidback versatile rapper knows how to steer the attention towards his craft and has been confidently doing so over the past couple of years by curating songs that greatly explore his dynamic talent. The artist is extremely talented and is well-versed with the various complex elements of the genre that allows him to create some of the catchiest songs. The prolific rapper can be considered as a true force to be reckoned with in the music world as his rich hip-hop melodies are driven to set the bar higher.

To make a blast this season, the artist has recently dropped his new soundtrack titled ‘In My Zone’ that speaks a lot about the artist’s deep understanding of the genre. Introducing all fresh and new beats to stand out, the rapper has showcased a great deal of versatility in terms of rap style and has worked on minimal sound backup to keep his voice in the limelight. The artist prefers to sway between old school and new age hip-hop rhythms and hence, his compositions make for a perfect hearing for both the old and new-age audience. Filled with impressive bars and witty wordplay, the song shares a strong message, urging everyone to enjoy life. The rapper has shared instances of his personal life to draw the relatability and has used impactful words to bond personally.

Born to Jamaican parents, B.I.G.G. Cool DaPoet means Before It Gets Gritty and the uniqueness of his name is derived from the artist’s unique stature and personality. The talented rapper has been writing poems and songs from a very young age and has performed at various live open mics to gather the appreciation of all. The song ‘In My Zone’ is yet another major highlight from his remarkable hip-hop playlist that is only going to cater to the anticipation of the hip-hop-loving crowd. Hear out the full track on Soundcloud and follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more details on his upcoming EP.

Just go for this track ‘In My Zone’ by B.I.G.G. Cool DaPoet :

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