Hemp & Hand is committed to making hemp-based products more sustainable and healthier for the people who use them

The founders of Hemp & Hand believe in making sustainable hemp-based personal care products that are good for consumers and good for the environment. They bring healthy compounds and sweet-smelling hemp terpenes (essential oils) into everyday essentials like sanitizers, deodorants, and candles. The result is more eco-friendly products that smell great and enhance your mood.

Hemp & Hand’s leadership is committed to delivering the best product to its customers and adds: “When using the entire plant you’ll benefit from the “entourage effect” — a heightened user experience where hundreds of botanical characteristics are working together. The result is a family of sustainable, organic products that are enhanced when enjoyed together.  Something every-body can benefit from” said John Duran who is the head of Research and Development at Hemp & Hand.

What is Hemp

You may be asking, what is hemp? Hemp is a versatile plant that is often mistaken for marijuana. A cousin of the Cannabis family, hemp doesn’t carry measurable THC and has a higher fiber-content than its potent relative does. This makes it perfect for producing textiles like clothing or paper-based products such as writing material with an environmentalist bent. The Agricultural Act 2018 returned this ancient crop to its legal status so farmers can get planting quickly.

When asked what the company mission is, Founder Trevor Norlock says, “We believe in making organic hemp-based products that are healthy for everyone.  Our philosophy marries with our ingredients and inspires our hempsters’ to Spread-Good-Vibes because they feel great…maybe even groovy! Our hemp comes from organic/non-GMO farms across America which contain the highest quality all-natural terpenes (essential oils), and botanical compounds.”

Products They Offer

Among some of their most popular items are Hemp Gummies that  help reduce anxiety, promote relaxation for better sleep, and balance your mood. For those who are more actively seeking relief from pain in the neck, back, or any other body part, they also offer a Hemp Relief Balm which is perfect for after-workout recovery or relaxing after a long day.

Anyone can go to their website to check out all of their most popular hemp products and the benefits of each product.


For anyone who cares about the environment and what they put in their body, Hemp & Hand has products that meet both criteria. To find out more about their hemp products and the companies mission visit their website https://www.hempandhand.com.