Tru Health, formerly known as Tru Water Filtration, is a water and air filtration company based out of San Antonio, TX. Operating within San Antonio, TX, their mission is to transform homes and businesses into the healthiest spaces possible by purifying the space’s air and water.

People have been using air and water filtration systems in their homes to improve their quality of life. After all, if your house is too humid or your tap water tastes odd, you could develop serious health risks. Tru Health has various ways to combat those risks.

Tru Health offers water filtration solutions, as well as air filtration solutions. They carry an array of devices used in different events; whether it’s a water softener, air purifier, or a purified drinking system, Tru Health will create a safer space in your home.

Purifiers freshen stale air, decreasing the likelihood of health problems caused by indoor contaminants, inducing respiratory infections, neurological disorders, or worsening asthma symptoms. Air purifiers remove a wide range of contaminants from the indoor air to keep you healthy. 

True Health is an air and water filtration company that offers a complete solution to your home’s air purification system. Whether you pick the Super V air cleaner or the HW Deluxe – a professional DFS air filtration system, you can assure that your home’s air quality will increase. Tru Health’s air filter will keep your lungs healthy and your air fresh.

As far as water purification and filtration goes, Tru Health is no stranger to the subject. Tru Health is the authorized Maytag dealer throughout south-central texas—a company with over 100 years of experience and a leader in home appliances.

Offering various water filtration systems, from whole-home water systems such as water softeners designed to treat well and municipal waters to purified drinking systems, including alkaline water and their quantum disinfection media, which works by positively charging the surface of the media with silver and titanium. 

If you’re experiencing a humid home or strange-tasting drinking water, it may be time to contact Tru Health and have their systems installed in your home to create a safe and healthy environment. They provide excellent financing alternatives and complementary water analysis. To obtain an estimate, contact them or visit their website –

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About Tru Health

Tru Health is in the wellness industry. We transform homes and businesses into the healthiest spaces possible by purifying the said space’s air and water.