For those that are unaware, BAP Token is a unique token that’s built by Bitcoin ATM Pros. The central goal of BAP Token is simple – to build a community where every member will have easy access to cryptocurrencies to pay for goods and services and also generate passive income. 

Bitcoin ATM Pros has a team that’s dedicated and knowledgeable in the crypto, blockchain, and fintech space. The team intends to utilize their knowledge to help different countries and individuals in need of a financial revolution.

To achieve this lofty vision, the team at BAP token is pleased to announce the commencement of the second phase of its pre-sale. Like the first phase, the second phase also promises to reward investors with massive offerings. BAP Token has achieved a lot in the short period of its existence. 

For instance, the team was able to roll out their first dividend payments to investors who invested during the first phase of the pre-sale. The payment took place on the 3rd of October, 2021. The dividend was higher than the project’s expectation.

Invest In The Pre-Sale 2nd Phase

There are several reasons why you may consider investing your hard-earned money in the second phase of the token sale. Top among the reasons is that beginner investors will receive a share of 10% of the profits that the company intends to generate from their crypto ATMs. The profits will be credited to individual investors as BAP tokens every quarter.

Buying and holding the token means that, in the future, your investment portfolio will increase in value and also fetch you massive returns on your investment. What’s more? The dividend payout will also increase in the future as the project builds momentum and gains traction.

How To Buy BAP Tokens

The process of buying BAP tokens is simple and straightforward. You can purchase the token directly on the official website via or you visit Coinpros exchange to place your order. Coinpros is the native exchange of the project. For now, the exchange is still in its developmental stage. However, once it comes on stream, crypto enthusiasts would be able to exchange their cryptos on the platform.

About BAP Token

BAP Token is the native token of the Bitcoin ATM Pros ecosystem. BAP Token stands for financial freedom. It intends to revolutionize the financial landscape so that everyone can have access to decentralized banking services and cryptocurrencies.

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