NABL 3 x 3 basketball consists of post collegiate basketball stars performing in a showcase in hopes of landing a spot on a FIBA International team. The NABL roots stretch back to 1918 when post WWI companies formed basketball teams to represent their company. Many teams ended up evolving into NBA teams after WWII including the Tri City (Atlanta) Hawks, Minneapolis (Los Angeles) Lakers, Fort Wayne (Detroit) Pistons, Rochester Royals (Sacramento Kings), Denver Truckers/Nuggets, and Brooklyn ( NY Freighters) Nets.

TVS will distribute the NABL 3×3 Showcase to it’s streaming TVS Sports Network, on the WatchYour.TV platform, powered by Tulix. It will also appear on select TVS TV Network broadcast affiliates and cable networks. Via WatchYour.TV apps from ROKU, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Web TV, the games will be available on all IPTV and mobile devices, as well as on Smart TVs in 85% of TV homes in the USA.

All TVS programming is free to view and ad supported. TVS AdSales.Com, headed by Jerry Wolff, will handle TVS sponsorship opportunities. TVS AdSales.Com is located in Miami, New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.