Pilots Begin at Marist College, Boston College, and University of the Bahamas to measure increased security and time-saving features.

Today SAFE™ formally announced its new partnerships with 3 major higher education institutions, including Marist College, Boston College, and the University of the Bahamas. Each institution will pilot SAFE products which are built to eliminate passwords, save valuable time, and ensure accurate student activity reports in hybrid and distance learning environments.

The pilots are expected to add additional data proving that SAFE OnTime Meeting Manager can save hours per month for each faculty member by using SAFE’s patent-pending combination of cybersecurity and communication tools, which make it easier to call students into class, automate attendance of hybrid classes, and practically eliminate unauthorized access.

The pilots are also expected to add more evidence that people prefer to login without passwords, and smartphone technology provides a more secure convenient access method.  Eliminating hacker-friendly passwords is the primary function of the patented SAFE Authenticator.  Previous market studies conducted by SAFE indicate that 49% of all user groups studied are willing to try SAFE Authenticator to reduce or eliminate passwords.

The combined student populations of the partner colleges and universities is almost 30,000 students and 2,200 faculty, providing the opportunity for multiple pilots and future growth beginning with a subset of pilot participants.

“We awarded grants for these initial pilots to Marist College, Boston College, and University of the Bahamas because of their excellence in higher education, computer science, and market studies,” said David W. Schropfer, CEO of SAFE.  “Students can use SAFE to access classes and on-line systems with the same 5-second authentication process with no passwords. And, faculty will save hours per month with our automatic attendance feature,” he said.

Over 53% of all network attacks on Higher Education Institutions involve stolen passwords, according to the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report by Suzanne Widup. And Bluevoyant.com reports that there are 337,000 such attacks in Colleges and Universities in the United States every week.

“By eliminating passwords for all student access, we eliminate a widely-exploited attract vector,” Schropfer added.

About SAFE

SAFE™, a brand of Anchor ID, Inc., is a secure, privacy-centric, alternative to “Sign-In with Facebook” and other social sign-in products. The product replaces passwords with smartphone technology, and enables smartphone biometrics such as FaceID® or Samsung Fingerprint Reader®. The Company received a regular US patent on its technology and systems that enable their SAFE Authenticator product, and has a patent pending on the SAFE OnTime Meeting Manager. Categorically, the product is an Engagement Management System (EMS) which combines military grade authentication technology with customizable user controls and enterprise controls that make online authentication a highly secure, enjoyable customer experience. SAFE is based in Kingston, NY. www.thesafe.io