Nine amazing authors, three countries, equals stories that will change lives.

Visionary, Best Selling Author Myechia Barnett has come together with the following authors to empower the world to transform. Mary Angel, Chi Smith, Lovena Sunassee, Pallavee Periapayen, Cherrea Williams, David Vine, Yvonne Vaughn, and Takhia Gaither-Stuckey each went above and beyond to share their stories.

Stories of pain, stories of preserverance, and stories of success birthed from transforming from fear and in securities to strenth and confidence.

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Allow yourself the opportunity to feel their joy, their pain, their tears. Walk with them through the journey of transformation. Identify where you are in your own process. Make yourself comfortable in being a human being all over again.

Myechia stated, “There’s always a transformation that takes place from who you used to be to who you’re becoming. While being human, we make mistakes but that doesn’t make a difference on your growth. No one is perfect, and as I, Myechia, believe in the Word of God, whomever you believe in, stand on the promises and show others there’s light even in darkness.”

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