“I just want to take the nightmare out of sifting through the news every day, to offer decentralized and accessible knowledge that would appeal to a person like me,” says D’Vaughn House, founder of Glenride. “It’s time for society to heal by joyfully subverting the self-serving elitism of US politics,” he says.

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives of the company, including:

· A repository of academic and public research material

· A blockchain research database and utility token

· A calendar for sharing best practices and challenges people face across the world

“Social cohesion is important, but this community wants to create a world no longer bound by corrupt economic policies that marginalize vulnerable populations,” House says.

To learn more about “Seen and Heard” email D’Vaughn House (host ( @ ) centersun21 dot com) dot

About the Company: Glenride is a global network of knowledge-makers dedicated to actively embracing new ideas – shaping the future. Glenride’s question is: how can an institution understand the entire range of issues affecting local communities? And one possible question for a knowledge-maker is: “how can one participate in a way that honors one’s gifts, and who one really is?” Glenride’s answer is build a research community where people come to trust, through first-hand experience, that learning together heals societal divides.