Firstat Nursing Services, serving Rancho Bernardo and the Greater San Diego area with home health assistance and skilled nursing services, participates in Emotional Wellness Month by publishing 3 Smart Ways Families Can Ease Stress.

“October is Emotional Wellness Month and a good time to review those family members acting as a caregiver for a loved one at home,” says Linnea Goodrich, president of Firstat Nursing Services.

Many families face this challenge, leading to increased stress and anxiety and taking a negative toll on emotional well-being. Luckily, there are ways to provide family caregivers with much-needed breaks while maintaining consistent quality care.

Skilled, compassionate care is available through in-home nursing services. Here are 3 smart ways to ease stress with in-home skilled nursing as an option.

Medical Expertise and More – Diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia can be complicated and often require trained expertise to navigate efficiently. Having a trained professional on hand with the skills and experience to answer medical questions and provide support is invaluable for families facing this uncertainty. In addition, qualified, certified nurses can track symptoms, give complicated medications and provide guidance as needed, relieving stress and tension.

A Well Deserved Break – Often, the value a skilled nursing service can provide isn’t medically related at all but arrives in the form of a much-needed break. Providing 24-hour care can be draining, even on the most dedicated family member. However, with part-time hours available, it’s refreshing to know a skilled nursing service can send help for just a few hours here or there. Having some time to recharge is critical for drained family members, and a smart way to ensure time spent caring for a loved one is positive and stress-free.

Transportation and Social Needs – Beyond providing the basic needs for an elderly loved one, families who provide in-home care often feel stress to ensure social needs are met. This could mean taking a short walk on a warm day or visiting a friend who lives nearby. The right nursing service can come to the home with these goals in mind, giving families confidence that a loved one is getting enough social interaction and has someone available to drive if and when they need to travel for social appointments.

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