SB expresses deep regret over misleading report by Citizens News


     Regarding online media Citizens News’ attempt to mislead its readers about the remarks on the legislation on Article 23 of the Basic Law (BL 23) made by the Secretary for Security, Mr Tang Ping-keung, at the press conference on “The Chief Executive’s 2021 Policy Address”, a spokesman for the Security Bureau today (October 9) expressed deep regret over such report which had misled the members of the public.

     The spokesman said, “When responding to whether the legislation on BL 23 would undermine the freedom of speech, the Secretary for Security clearly explained that criminal liability should consist of elements of actus reus (guilty act) and mens rea (guilty mind). In addition, there should be sufficient evidence and the Department of Justice would decide whether to prosecute or not after due consideration of the sufficiency of evidence. Prosecution is never a hasty decision, and people would not be found guilty for simply saying certain things.”

     The spokesman said, “Relevant reports by multiple media are in line with the Secretary for Security’s remarks above. It was misleading for Citizen News to report that the Secretary for Security refused to guarantee that the freedom of speech will not be undermined with the legislation on BL 23. We express our regret over its report.”