William Chipman has written a book that shows how a single person with a real knowledge of what God is like can alter a whole church.
Christian, a child living just outside of a tiny rural town, is the protagonist of this fictional novel. He and his parents were not churchgoers. However, their town is hit by an epidemic, and both of Christian’s parents die. Rather than being sent to an institution, nine-year-old Christian seeks refuge in the woods where he learns to survive on his own.
Until he gets a strange dream one night that pushes him to seek the truth and discover God.
Will he fall to the conventions of a church steeped in tradition in his desire to learn more about God? Or will he take the initiative to guide them to become a happy, Christ-centered congregation?
The story is set in 1883 America, at the start of the modern era, but Chipman has changed key details to make it more relatable to a current audience. For example, rather than using the King James Version, Bible verses are taken from the New King James Version, and the usual workweek in the narrative is reduced from 72 hours to a more manageable 40 hours.
The narrative depicts how young Christian, by just proclaiming the reality of what God is truly like, was able to transform the course of an entire church and community.
This novel would appeal to both adults and teenagers.
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Finding Truth: Journey of a Christian and His Church
Author: William G. Chipman
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: August 2021
Book Genre: Religious & Spirituality
About the Author:
In his retirement, Mr. Chipman’s ministries include evangelism at a state prison, county jail, and a juvenile detention facility. He and his wife lead an Awana Club.