Business process management (BPM) in EspoCRM.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, technologies are the major driving force behind business growth. To stay competitive, more and more companies are starting to implement CRM platforms to record, share and manage business information. At the same time, many of these companies are considering supplementing their CRMs with business process management tools that help to automate routine operations.

EspoCRM is an open-source business solution that combines features for keeping track of customer data and business process management (BPM) in a single, unified platform. The low-code business process management tool allows users to model and automate complex business operations. Its primary objective is to provide companies the ability to automate a range of routine process stages in complicated business processes that contain a lot of different flows, delays and user interactions.

The functionality enables end-users to create a detailed flowchart that includes all stages of the particular business process along with detailed descriptions. The users can also easily configure the delay periods, actions that have to be done, and conditions that have to be met to proceed to the next stage of the flow.

By providing the ability to create the detailed execution models of the process, the BPM functionality allows to smoothen the execution of complicated business operations that include a lot of inter-department communication and a series of conditional events. It is also effective for automating repetitive processes and preventing situations when important tasks are forgotten and unacted. In this way, the company can decrease the number of human errors, improve business performance and free up the time spent on the completion of routine operations.

Modern businesses have to stay flexible and dynamic. Therefore, implementation of the platform that allows to define and manage business operations fast is essential to remain agile.

About EspoCRM

EspoCRM is an open-source customer relationship management (CRM) web application that allows to see, enter and evaluate all company’s relationships regardless of the type. People, companies or opportunities – all in an easy and intuitive interface.