AdminDroid, the company that strives to ease IT administrators’ challenges by providing precise solutions, today announced that its flagship product, AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter brings forth the pathway to solving compliance challenges by achieving compliance requirements in the organization. It helps admins to determine the best method for implementing and achieving the compliance requirements in their organization.

Fulfill the Compliance needs in the Office 365 environment:

As all know, IT firms are equipped with advanced technologies, automation, and a variety of other tools. Thereby, its impact on security increases day by day. Being an IT admin, they should make their organization meet the compliance requirements to avoid any form of a security breach.

Each compliance has specific standards and purposes for protecting the organization in every way. AdminDroid deep-dived into the analysis of each compliance requirement and provides a Report package purpose-built for compliance reports.

It helps admins to identify and solve the loopholes in their organization that lends a hand to the hackers and attackers.

No more hardships in achieving Compliance:

Each compliance has several frameworks that must be analyzed, implemented, and followed by the organizations to achieve the compliance requirements. AdminDroid chews over each framework control and maps it accurately with the control groups developed and provided by NIST. The ultraprecision mapping of controls and reports makes IT admins unlock their hindrance in achieving the compliance requirements.

Compliance reports within easy reach:

Discovering the exact Office 365 reports from the plethora of reports and insights is always an uphill battle in achieving compliance. AdminDroid serves IT admins with all the required Office 365 reports necessary for each compliance right at their fingertips.

Get a clear visibility with precise categorization:

Getting a clear understanding on what admins are going to monitor, review, and respond for achieving each compliance is such a nightmare. AdminDroid precisely classified all the reports into tabs and categories along with the clear-cut descriptions.

Simplified data monitoring:

Protecting the organization includes periodic data monitoring and responding quickly to risky happenings. Here after, admins don’t need to travel between admin centers or any portals for monitoring. Instead, they can use the advanced scheduling facility in AdminDroid to get all the required report data delivered straight to their email at regular interval.

Keep hold of report data for future analysis:

Each compliance requires organizations to retain data for several years for future analysis and other purposes. Every organization should retain 7yrs of data for SOX, 6yrs for HIPPA, 2yrs for GLBA, 3yrs for FISMA, 5yrs of employee permit data for GDPR, and minimum of 1yr for PCI-DSS. With Office 365 audit logs, retaining data for more than 90 days is not possible. Using AdminDroid, admins can retain data as long as they required.

Compliance Report Packages:

AdminDroid provides six report packages with 100+ reports for each compliance which are categorized in a way to access and process it in no time.

1. SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) – Package comes with 180+ reports to help

organizations to protect the investors and the public from fraudulent accounting.

2. HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) – Package comes with 110+ reports to help Healthcare and related organizations in protecting the patient’s health information.

3. PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) – Package comes with 140+ reports to help payment and card industries in securing the sensitive credit card details being collected and processed from their clients.

4. GLBA (The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act) – Package comes with with 160+ reports to help financial and related agencies to manage and control the financial risks.

5. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) – Package comes with 100 reports to help organizations who are processing and storing the details of European citizens.

6. FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act) – Package comes with 170+ reports to help federal agencies to improve their information security.

About AdminDroid

AdminDroid is a leading Office 365 solution provider whose objective is to build IT products that are highly user-friendly. The solutions built by AdminDroid are always making everyone’s life easier, and more productive. The flagship product AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter tool has been trusted by more than 30k+ companies around 110+ countries and it has managed over 60 million Office 365 users so far.

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