Every quarter, G2 reviews and recognizes the top performers among the various software companies and awards them different titles of excellence. The basis of these awards is the customer reviews and ratings that they give on the G2 platform. G2 gave the following titles in the different categories:

In the Category of Survey:

High Performer Fall 2021 in the Grid Report for Survey

Momentum Leader Fall 2021 in the Momentum Grid Report

High Performer Small Business Fall 2021 in the Small Business Grid Report

High Performer India Fall 2021 in the India Regional Grid Report

High Performer Asia Fall 2021 in the Asia Regional Grid Report

High Performer Asia Pacific Fall 2021 in the Asia Pacific Grid Report

High Performer Europe Fall 2021 in the Europe Regional Grid Report

In the Category of Feedback Analytics:

High Performer Fall 2021 in the Grid Report for Feedback Analytics

In the Category of Experience Management:

High Performer Fall 2021 in the Grid Report for Experience Management

Best Meets Requirement Fall 2021 in the Index Report

Users Most Likely to Recommend Fall 2021 in the Index Report

Category of Survey

These recognitions prove Zonka Feedback’s growing industry presence as a Survey Tools and Software industry leader. Zonka Feedback’s continuous attempts to enhance customer satisfaction and improve customer experience have paved the way for this continued success in the form of various awards in the category of Survey.

With its fast-growing pace, it has emerged as a High Performer in Small Business and a Momentum Leader in the industry and is able to win these awards.

Category of Feedback Analytics

Zonka Feedback is a well-developed Feedback Management Software that not only helps its clients to get Customer Feedback but also assists them in managing it, responding to it, and closing the feedback loop effectively.

The customization and features like multilingual surveys help the customers create any survey in the most suitable way for their business. Zonka Feedback is a helpful tool in almost every industry. It helps collect Customer Feedback, Patient Feedback, Employee Feedback, Guest Feedback, and Student Feedback.

Category of Experience Management

Zonka Feedback enables its users to enrich the Customer Experience and constantly improve it. With its advanced features like real-time feedback alerts and instant notifications, business users can address customer issues on time and take timely action, thus enhancing customer satisfaction, improving customer experience, and ultimately preventing customer churn.

Zonka Feedback’s advanced reporting features and dashboard help manage feedback and view different reports like trends reports, comparison reports, and more that help the users to track customer experience across various locations and times. These characteristics meet the different needs of the customers and the satisfied customers of Zonka Feedback make them most likely to recommend the product to their known ones.

About G2

G2 is a popular platform for software reviews and recommendations based in Chicago, Illinois. In May 2012, former employees of BigMachines started this company which has grown as a famous brand known and trusted worldwide for genuine customer reviews. Software buyers and businesses look for G2 reviews while deciding to invest in any software or app.

It has its own algorithms to identify fraudulent reviews of employees rating their own company or their competitors’ products. For verification, G2 even asks for screenshots of actual product usage as proof of authentication of the reviewers. Being awarded by such an entity is a significant recognition for any company.

About Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is a leading Survey Software and Experience Management platform that businesses across the world use to capture feedback and improve Customer Experience. It continuously strives to make its customers’ lives easier by bringing in new features and integrations to increase the ease of use.

Customers have well recognized Zonka Feedback and have given excellent ratings and reviews that enabled Zonka Feedback to be awarded these recognitions.

“Needless to say that the badges and awards from G2 give us a lot of pride here at Zonka Feedback. But they are also proof that we’re continuing to bring value to our customers with a solution that is both simple to implement and powerful to use. We are extremely grateful to our customers for their reviews. And we’re ecstatic that we have moved from being a high performer to a momentum leader. The recognitions further strengthen our focus on customers and their requirements, and in always prioritizing customer satisfaction as we grow.” says Sonika Mehta, the co-founder of Zonka Feedback.

To know more about Zonka Feedback, visit the Zonka Feedback’s profile page at G2 or sign up for a free trial.

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