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Take a listen to the newly released track called ‘Better’ by upcoming Las Vegas rapper, Caine OTH emitting some of the most compelling hip hop verses out there.

Las Vegas, Nevada Sep 20, 2021 (  – The scope of modern-day rap and hip hop is ecstatic to welcome the newest artist in its league with Caine OTH. He came out with his single, ‘Better’ not too long ago that resonates with some of the best lyrical and production capacity the hip hop industry has seen so far. The track definitely adds an edge to his soundscape allowing him to traverse more deep and intriguing music. The production linearity and attention to detail take the cake away and establish him as one of the revolutionary hip hop artists of modern times. The song also emerges victorious with its underlying themes motivating and indulging the audience through the course.

Working with the home label, OTH Entertainment, the Las Vegas rapper is dishing out one hit after another. ‘Better’ comes as a surprise which allowed his career to flourish overnight. He is now focused on taking his music to the global platform and captivate the audience’s attention with his invasive lyrics and production skills. The best part about his music is that it caters to the understanding and vision of the youth who are looking for something beyond musical recreation. With the additional electronic infusion, his soundscape reaches a whole another degree of individuality.

Upcoming rapper Caine OTH constantly works towards evolving his sound and capacity. Some of his other tracks that tick all boxes of a potential breakthrough are ‘Rage Intro’, ‘L.A. Poetry’, ‘Richest’, and ‘1840’ among many others. Each track is diverse as he rolls and raps to reach the highest point of creative ability. With a kind of music that uplifts communities and humanity, he has created a long path for him in the industry. If you are someone who looks forward to adding new music to your hip-hop collection, make sure to follow him on Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify, and Facebook.

Please visit here to listen to the song of Caine OTH:

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