Legacy Hotels & Resorts own and manage a collection of four and five star hotels, bush lodges, leisure resorts and casino resorts in key tourism and business locations throughout Africa and is expanding into the emerging European and Middle Eastern markets. The continuing growth, together with the unprecedented change in the hotel distribution space, has made the Legacy Revenue Management team, led by Eloise Hyland, to work on simplifying their processes, eliminate complexities and create seamless connectivity with online sales channels.

“There are so many channels out there, it becomes time consuming and challenging to manage online distribution. The best thing about RateTiger is they have connectivity with some channels we did not even know about, but are very productive,” remarked Eloise Hyland, Revenue and Distribution Manager, Legacy Hotels and Resorts.

Legacy Hotels has been an early adapter of new technology and been leveraging RateTiger’s connectivity to resolve distribution challenges. Since they have started using RateTiger, their online hotel bookings have grown by over 15% leading to a significant increase in overall revenue.

The pandemic and subsequent travel restrictions have forced the hotel industry to relook at their overall strategy. “Thanks to RateTiger’s connectivity with OTAs and the information we receive about our competitors, we can react to the market very quickly and stay ahead. We can see our competitors are following suit,” said Eloise.

The quick turn-around has helped Eloise and her team to be on the recovery course quicker resulting in incremental revenue even in 2020. She further summed up – “RateTiger Support is amazing! They are available 24/7. The Account Manager is one call away. The reason we like RateTiger is that it is cost efficient and helpful.”

Check out this video from Eloise Hyland, Revenue and Distribution Manager at Legacy Hotels and Resorts – https://youtu.be/ocH0fcHTRCQ

About eRevMax: eRevMax is a travel technology company that provides CRS, Hotel Channel Manager, Rate Shopper, Booking Engine, Website Development, GDS and Metasearch Distribution solutions. The company connects multiple online channels to the hotels’ PMSs to seamlessly deliver ARI updates and reservations. It works closely with around 450 channel and technology partners and is the connectivity partner of choice for large hotel groups, mid-scale chains as well as independent properties in both luxury and budget segment worldwide providing solutions through its core product brands – RateTiger, LiveOS and AgentX101. eRevMax is known for its stable solutions with 99.9% product uptime and provides 24×7 multi-lingual customer support. For more details, please visit http://www.erevmax.com/ or contact us on marketing ( @ ) erevmax dot com