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​With both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, the solution can extend existing traditional restaurant ordering and payment capabilities to tableside, patio, and other outdoor venues creating a versatile mobile POS solution. The device prints orders directly to the kitchen and bar, supporting up to twenty individual printers or kitchen display systems (KDS).

The flexible solution allows merchants to accept mobile credit card payments on- and off-premises, including at-the-door customer delivery transactions via swipe, tap, or dip. It also provides back-up capabilities in the event of a network or power outage, allowing merchants to continue operating and/or securely settle open customer orders.

“We’re pleased to introduce another foundational solution to our cloud-based restaurant technology platform that is aligned with our commitment of developing customer-centric products that produces immediate results for our merchants,” says Harry Tu, CEO of Aldelo, L.P. “Our mission is to make a positive impact with every merchant by offering everything needed to run a successful business at a transparent and economical cost so they’re able to focus on providing great customer experiences and services.”

Merchants that use ultra-competitive Aldelo Pay merchant services receive at ZERO cost Aldelo Express Cloud POS, a centralized multi-store restaurant technology platform, and the Masa+ suite of online solutions including QR code ordering and payments.

“Today’s market climate presents a host of business challenges that merchants have never experienced before and Aldelo focuses on providing meaningful solutions that allows them to adapt to changing operational and customer dynamics,” states Jeff Moore, VP of Operations with Aldelo, L.P. “Our cloud technology enables us to do this very successfully with a simple, powerful, and scalable POS solution that was previously only attainable and affordable to large restaurant conglomerates.”