Rolex watch repair shop scores an ace with its new mail-in repair service, promising to refresh and renew vintage timepieces that other watchmakers and jewelry shops won’t service.

As the US Open gets underway in Flushing Meadows, people are breaking out their vintage Rolexes in honor of the tennis match’s official timekeeper. Rolex and tennis have enjoyed a symbiotic relationship since 1978, when it became the timekeeper for Wimbledon. Today, the Swiss watchmaking giant now keeps time for all four Grand Slam tennis tournaments and sponsors several high-profile stars, from Roger Federer to Sloane Stephens.

If that prized timepiece needs a little attention before it’s ready to wear on the court, however, collectors now have an ally with Times Ticking’s mail-in service. The Utah-based clock and watch repair shop started out servicing local customers and has since broadened its base to include patrons from all over the world. “We have had clients from as far as Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, and Australia find our shop online and mail us their repairs because their watch manufacturers won’t service them,” said Seth Thompson of Times Ticking.

Despite the fact that Rolex is a household name in luxury watches the world over, it’s very difficult to find original parts for their dated timepieces. Thompson said that this, combined with the intricate work required to fix older watches, causes many watch manufacturers to set up stringent repair rules.

“If companies will repair their older watches, they usually do it on their own terms. For example, if a watch doesn’t already have a service record with a manufacturer, they may refuse to repair it. Or, if they choose to service the watch, they may replace vintage parts with new ones, thus degrading its value. Finally, watches sent to the manufacturer for service can take several months and be terrifically expensive,” said Thompson.

The Swiss-trained experts at Times Ticking pride themselves on finding the proverbial needle in a haystack when it comes to hard-to-locate parts for Rolex watch repair, said Thompson. And as many watch manufacturers continue to restrict the number of jewelers and watch repairers who have access to their original parts, Thompson added that his company’s “vast arsenal of worldwide connections and unflinching tenacity in tracking down the pieces you need will be as priceless to you as your 1984 Rolex Submariner.”

To find out more information about Times Ticking’s mail-in repair services for your Rolex, visit or call (801) 991-1097.

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