Vaccines have been required in the past, but now we have the technology and infrastructure to make it simple and secure to share proof of vaccination status.

Over the past couple weeks MyIR Mobile has been featured in mainstream media publications such as CNN, Wall Street Journal, NBC, and Forbes, alongside other solutions that facilitate consumer access to immunization records. 

This recent media buzz highlights the needs of millions of Americans for trusted, secure access to immunization records – something that MyIR Mobile already provides to 9 states, connecting over 1.5 million consumers to their records.

Americans are asking for access to their immunization health records. The challenge is that COVID-19 immunization events are not always being consolidated with an individual’s traditional vaccine history. Some people are getting vaccinated outside of their home state, some mass vaccination sites have had reporting issues and there also could be gaps in the data being reported that create errors. Then, as incentives are offered to consumers for proof of immunization, they can’t reliably access their record.

But individuals needing proof of their immunization status isn’t ALL new. Parents have always needed records for school, daycare and summer camps. College students have needed them as incoming freshmen. And adults have needed them for travel to certain foreign countries.

MyIR Mobile, launched in 2010 is the simple and secure approach to consumer record access. Offered in partnership with participating Health Departments, MyIR Mobile is FREE to consumers, giving access to full immunization history, not just COVID-19 vaccines. To learn more about new features coming soon and see a full list of MyIR featured content, visit us at or contact us at

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