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Windows 11 is expected to be officially launched in October. However, the beta version is already launched. At Microsoft’s Windows event, the features of the next generation of Windows were revealed and the OS was officially announced as the successor of Windows 10.

In another interview, Microsoft spokesperson said, “. Windows 11 is all about visual changes that Windows fans are waiting for. An advanced level of security features is added to ensure the compatibility of Windows 11 with the advanced level software applications.

The post covers the guide to install windows 11 on your PC and answers people’s questions about WIN 11. Some common queries are:

  • How do I update to Windows 11?
  • Can I install Windows 11?
  • Is my laptop eligible for Windows 11 upgrade?
  • How to check windows 11 compatibility?
  • How can I get Windows 11 early?

The release date is not yet finalized but people are getting curious to know more about the OS. Let’s get an insight into it.

How To Upgrade To Windows 10 From Windows 11?

Windows 11 includes a slew of new features, like the ability to download and run Android apps on your Windows PC and updates to Microsoft Teams, the Start menu, and the overall look of the software, which is a Mac-like design.

When it comes to upgrading your system (PC or laptop) from Windows 10 to 11, the system configuration plays a vital role.

For the win 11 to run on your PC, the main requirement is the installation of TPM2.0. Your system must have installed the Trusted Platform Module Chip otherwise while installing the windows 11 you came across the TMP2.0 error.

With the downloadable version of Windows 11 available by Microsoft, the users can’t wait any more to install the most awaited OS. The OS has implemented major changes and added many user-friendly features. The main attraction is the enhanced security and application software support.

The step-by-step instruction to install the OS is mentioned later in the blog.

How Compatible Is Windows 11 With Other Software?

Most apps and devices that work with Windows 10 should work as expected under Windows 11. To make it more compatible, the preview versions of the OS are coming. No such compatibility issue with any of the major application software or products is reported as of date.

Win 11 is launched keeping the present technical (hardware/ software) requirements in mind. Here are a few of the standout new features in Windows 11:

A new, more Mac-like interface – Windows 11 features a clean design with rounded corners, pastel shades, and a centered Start menu and Taskbar. 

Integrated Android apps – Android apps will be coming to Windows 11 and installable from within the new Microsoft Store via the Amazon Appstore. There was an attempt to incorporate this feature in Windows 10 but it was not that successful.

Widgets- While they’ve been around for a while (remember desktop gadgets on Windows Vista?), including in a recent Windows 10 update, you can now access widgets directly from the Taskbar and personalize them to see whatever you’d like. 

Microsoft Teams integration – Teams is getting a face-lift and will be integrated directly into the Windows 11 Taskbar, making it easier to access (and a bit more like Apple’s FaceTime). You’ll be able to access Teams from Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS. 

Xbox tech for better gaming- Windows 11 will get certain features found in Xbox consoles, like Auto HDR and DirectStorage, to improve gaming on your Windows PC. 

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Better virtual desktop support-  Windows 11 will let you set up virtual desktops in a way that’s more similar to macOS, toggling between multiple desktops for personal, work, school, or gaming use. 

Easier transition from monitor to the laptop, and better multitasking –

The new OS includes features called Snap Groups and Snap Layouts — collections of the apps you’re using at once that sit in the Taskbar and can come up or be minimized at the same time for easier task switching. They also let you plug and unplug from a monitor more easily without losing where your open windows are located.

How Do I Know If My Computer Can Run Windows 11?

Here are the basic hardware requirements for the new OS to run:

Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with two or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or system on a chip (SoC).

RAM: 4 gigabytes (GB) or greater. If your system do not have 4GB RAM you can buy RAM module as per your system requirement from Shopsaitech and can install it

Storage: 64 GB* or greater available storage is required to install Windows 11.

Additional storage space might be required to download updates and enable specific features. You can replace your hard drive with new SSDs.

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About Saitech Inc

Saitech Inc is an innovative value-added supplier for information technology hardware, software, supply chain services to support cloud computing, data center management, data storage, rugged mobility devices, marine electronics, and office equipment. Saitech Inc provides a total solution to IT acquisitions by providing multi-vendor hardware and software along with significant pre-sale and post-sale services. We provide significant value-added services consisting of configuration consulting and design, systems integration, installation of multi-vendor computer equipment, customization of hardware, product technical support, maintenance, and end-user support.

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US startup Roots Studio shortlisted for the European IF Innovation Award

The Award celebrates the most inspiring entrepreneurs offering new bold solutions in the field of culture and technology.

Immaterial Future Association will host the IF Innovation Award ceremony on 4 September 2021. The Award celebrates the most inspiring entrepreneurs offering new bold solutions in the field of CultTech*. This year 165 startups from 52 countries participated in the competition by submitting projects that leverage technology and create new business models for culture and creative industries. Six finalists – startup teams from the Netherlands, US, UK, Brazil, Luxembourg, and Germany – will pitch their ventures to an international jury panel and compete for €50,000 in non-equity funding.

Roots Studio is one of the finalists selected from the US.

The finalists offer solutions that develop new business models that give culture financial independence or create distribution models that allow wide access to cultural experiences while upholding their authenticity. With a loss of 31% of its turnover, the cultural and creative economy is one of the most affected in Europe by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it is vital to fund and support technological solutions and impact ideas that will help the industry build back in the most sustainable way.

This year’s IF Innovation Award finalists are:

  1. Roots Studio (US). Works with indigenous and minority artists globally to digitize their unique and endangered heritage arts into new fashion and home products, through a model that can financially support their livelihoods, communities, and traditions. The model of the startup may be interesting for ethnic artists and collectors of ethnic fine arts.

  2. FloatScans (Netherlands). Proprietary 3D scan technology that makes it possible to bring real-world objects to life digitally. The core focus is on art and cultural heritage, in which 95% of the objects are stored away or not publicly visible. With this technology, museums and galleries may unlock their full collections independent of available space + monetize collections by developing new business models.

  3. ArtMe (Brazil). A platform (mobile app) where ArtCasets (stories, art descriptions and exhibition tours) can be submitted and translated into 19 languages. Content can be provided by the community with no museum censorship. ArtMe can be used to discover artworks within a city, making visits to museums and galleries even more pleasant.

  4. Scan the World (UK). With over 18,000 objects online, it’s the largest digital museum of 3D printable cultural artefacts. It’s a community-built, open-source project archiving objects of cultural significance using 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies. Cultural institutions, heritage boards, and private collectors may use the 3D solution to generate new revenue streams: gift shops (selling high-quality facsimiles and merchandise), 3D scanning, and printing on demand.

  5. Firstrow (Germany). A VR distribution platform that enables performing arts companies and venues in the culture sector to monetize their production through digital (VR) showcasing. The distribution platform is augmented by a home delivery service offered for consumers who don’t possess their own VR device.

  6. ANote Music (Luxemburg). A marketplace for investing in music royalties. It enables publishers, record labels, and artists to list a portion of their royalty stream rights up for auction, introducing a new system of financing, as well as offering music enthusiasts and investors a new opportunity and the chance to own shares in their favorite music, thus turning music into an alternative asset class.

Composed of six members, the IF Innovation Award jury represents a group of visionaries in the fields of arts, technology and venture capital:

  • Oliver Holle, Сhairman of the IF Innovation Award  jury panel, Founder and Managing Partner of Speedinvest, a leading European early stage venture fund. 

  • Philip Ginthör, Digital entrepreneur and investor, former CEO of Sony Music for the DACH region, board member of Bonnier Media (Germany).

  • Thierry Baujard, Founder and CEO of Media Deals, a pan-European investment network focusing on the creative industries, active member of the EU’s ‘Creative Shift’ initiative; 

  • David Yang, Founder of ABBYY, Co-Founder of, a pioneer of Artificial Intelligence; 

  • Dmitry Aksenov, Founder and President of the Immaterial Future Association; 

  • Pierre-François Marteau, Board Secretary of the Immaterial Future Association.

Following the pitch session the program will feature a panel discussion on impact investing in culture and creative industries with representatives of the leading social innovation organizations in Europe including Impact Hub Vienna, and the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA).

Learn more about the IF Innovation Award here. 

About Immaterial Future Association

Immaterial Future (IF) is a non-profit association established in 2021 to contribute to shifting the world’s growth model towards intangible production and consumption, with culture as the main driver (vector) of change. It aims to leverage culture’s huge untapped potential to positively impact every single human, breaking away from its elitist confines and becoming more accessible to all.

Inver Grove Heights, MN Author Publishes Spy Novel

The Crude Killer: A Spike Eastman Novel, a new book by Mick Burkard, has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

Spike Eastman is former Air Force finance and intelligence officer and CIA operative for the early years of the war on terror in Afghanistan. Spike now has a comfortable life with his wife Shauntel, a successful entrepreneur in her own right, as an executive at an international construction materials company. Their idyllic life of ten years is about to be tossed into the fray as a new and deadly virus emerges shortly after the defeat of COVID-19, the Mega-Acute Respiratory Virus, or MARV, which claims the life of his mother.

The sudden onset of MARV and loss of his mother drives Spike to investigate the origin of the virus. Through the assistance of an old classmate who works with the CDC, Spike learns of some unsettling anomalies, leading him to call in the aid of Shauntel and Jimmy Celestini, a successful hacker. They discover a Russian oil oligarch, Boris Fedderov, is responsible for MARV’s creation and spread.

Tim Blust, Spike’s former recruiter from the CIA, attempts to recruit Spike for a special mission to track down Fedderov. However, Spike decides this is a mission he needs to complete on his own and sets off for Russia to find Fedderov and bring him to justice.

About the Author
Mick Burkard and his wife Sandy live in Minnesota. They enjoy traveling, visiting their grown children in San Diego, and walking their Golden Retriever. Burkard serves on the boards of the local youth football association and NaVOBA, a national veteran’s entrepreneur non-profit.

The Crude Killer: A Spike Eastman Novel is a 316-page paperback with a retail price of $21.00 (eBook $16.00). The ISBN is 978-1-6366-1393-2. It was published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For members of the press, to request a review copy, visit our virtual pressroom at or to buy the book visit our online bookstore at

Air Force Veteran Publishes Book on Black Success in America

Learned Helplessness: The Poison Pill Threat to Black America, a new book by Colonel Vaughan Witten, has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

Learned Helplessness: The Poison Pill Threat to Black America discusses t he self-destructive behavior of the American Black male, his delusional belief of victimization by a white society as the primary reason for his failure to acclimate and succeed in today’s capitalistic America. This engrained worldview thereby sufficiently blinds him and the general Black culture to the concept that discipline, sacrifice, and industry are their only escape from their dilemma instead of their rearview blame, pity, and destructive behavior. This helplessness, learned and absorbed in their psyche, negates any macro attempt to thrive as an independent, self-sufficient, and competitive subculture in America.

About the Author
Colonel Vaughan Witten, Ph.D., a West Virginia coal miner’s son, is a retired Air Force Command Chief Master Sergeant and an author of his autobiography of his world travel and social experience, which is currently viewed and read in 134 countries. Anchored with a Ph.D. in Psychology from N.C. State University, he is seeking to educate and share with his Black race as well as the general American population his hypothesis that a sea change in work ethic, discipline, order, and responsible behavior is necessary for Black success in America.

Learned Helplessness: The Poison Pill Threat to Black America is a 212-page paperback with a retail price of $38.00 (eBook $33.00). The ISBN is 978-1-6495-7310-0. It was published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For members of the press, to request a review copy, visit our virtual pressroom at or to buy the book visit our online bookstore at