Talk Home calling cards are available at different retailers across Europe. Disposable calling cards are further classified into three price categories;

• £5 Card [valid for 30 Days],

• £10 Card [valid for 60 Days] and

• £20 Card [valid for 90 Days]

Talk Home has expanded its calling cards retail network across Europe. It’s the result of Talk Home’s freedom without borders approach that now people can access over 100,000 retail stores to buy disposable and rechargeable calling cards.

The company announced another calling card in 2011 and named it “Talk Home Rechargeable Calling Card”, an electronic, non-disposable card that comes with more benefits like earning TALK HOME POINTS that can be redeemed to Top Up your card for FREE.

Nowadays, people can choose between a disposable or a rechargeable card in retail shops and online to make international calls.

Talk Home calling cards help people make unlimited calls to 23 countries on landlines by dialling local 0330 access.

Card Top-ups are readily available at Payzone, ePay, Paypoint & 3R.

For more detail and calling cards FAQs, you can visit the official website