This exclusive Japanese service is known as a “Hair or Head Spa”; licensed professionals use massaging techniques to gently depress pressure points using head reflexology. Its benefits extend far beyond providing feelings of relaxation and calmness. Better yet, it is effective in treating dandruff, dry and oily scalps, as well as hair loss (that’s hard to top). It should come as no surprise, as massages often improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to treat and reduce these conditions.

Not to mention, by offering a variety of hair treatments and hair masks (like a facemask, but for hair) for various types of hair, Soulo Hair Spa ensures you will have a quality experience. Each staff member is certified by the Nevada Board of Cosmetology for treating hair. You will also find high quality in the type of products they use on customers.

At Soulo Hair Spa, they use Milbon hair products to give their clients the best of the best. Aside from being recognized as the best hair product in Japan, the Milbon brand has been in the business for over 50 years. Research and cutting-edge technology are behind every Milbon product, promising that hair integrity is maintained and protected. Can’t forget to bring up the super comfortable custom-designed chairs that you will be seated upon and a freshly brewed cup of tea brought to you with each service. A day full of zen!

Local resident, Fiona Chan said, “Talk about an affordable luxury–this 30-minute treatment will leave you feeling like you’ve just walked through the gates of heaven, as you lay back in total comfort and relaxation while you are doing something good for your health.”

Following your sensational head rub, you will experience the effects of a delightful cleansing shampoo using Japan’s most prestigious hair product. This process helps remove build-up and wash away impurities – leaving your scalp feeling pleasantly refreshed. Now, you don’t have to travel to Asia to get beautiful, healthy hair.

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Joy Marie




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