• Leading international journal to provide scientific and medical insights for women’s football

  • FIFA and adidas to team-up with group of global scholars and practitioners for special issue

  • Deadline for research submission: 31 December 2021

In line with its commitment to accelerating professionalisation in women’s football, FIFA has opened a call for research submissions for a forthcoming journal on sports science and medicine in women’s football. To further drive scientific and medical advances and understanding within the women’s game, FIFA and adidas have teamed up with a group of global expert practitioner-scholars to lead a special issue of the Science and Medicine in Football – an international, peer reviewed scientific journal – dedicated to women’s football.

Due to be released in mid-2022, ‘The Science and Medicine in Women’s Football: Towards a better understanding of health and performance’ aims to provide vital insights in a number of key areas to advance research in sports science and medicine related to women’s football. It also aims to further enhance knowledge and limited research currently available on the health and welfare, and performance, of players in the women’s game. Research topics set to be covered in the forthcoming journal include injury prevention, rehabilitation, female physiology and specific health needs, technology and equipment, mental health, training and match demands. Speaking of the project, Dr Andrew Massey, FIFA Medical Director, said: “This exciting project represents an important step in advancing our knowledge and ultimately how we care for players in the women’s game globally, that are actually specific to their needs. We are excited to have teamed up with adidas and an international group of guest editors for this special issue”

The open call for research is now open and available for any researcher or research group worldwide. Questions or research proposals should be submitted to the FIFA Medical department via medical@fifa.org by 31 December 2021. More information about women’s football at FIFA is available on FIFA.com. To learn more about FIFA Medical, including other initiatives and research projects and programmes, please click here.