Water Treatment Facility Upgrade and Expansion

Enhance the overall water treatment in the City of Brandon, including the addition of a membrane treatment facility, a new intake, yard piping and settling pond.





Assiniboine River Dikes Interim Rehabilitation Works

Realign and reconstruct numerous sections of the flood protection dikes that have been compromised by ongoing riverbank erosion and subsequent riverbank failures




Emerson Flood Protection Systems Enhancement Phase 1

Upgrade drainage infrastructure, including the Site 3 Flood Pump station (FPS) and associated municipal upgrades as well as the underpass pump station



Falcon Lake, Whiteshell Provincial Park

Falcon Lake Dam Control Structure Replacement

Replace a deteriorating stop-log controlled timber box culvert at the Falcon Lake Dam



Portage La Prairie

Portage Diversion Channel Enhancements

Raise the East and West Portage Diversion dikes to bring the capacity of the downstream section of Portage Diversion to its original design capacity



Riding Mountain West

Shellmouth Dam Rehabilitation

Rehabilitate concrete spillway, riparian conduit outlets, bulkhead gate, control gates and hydraulic cylinders, storage facilities and instrumentation to monitor performance of the dam




St. Agathe Dike Raise

Design and construction of raising the community dike to the 1:200 year flood protection level, associated riverbank stabilization measures, and completion of a land drainage review study




Oak Lake Dam West Dike and Structure Rehabilitation

Rebuild the Oak Lake West Dike and rehabilitate or replace the existing concrete control structure in order to improve drought proofing of the lake and to reduce the risk of damage to the diking system during flood events



St. Adolphe

St. Adolphe Dike Increase

Enhance and upgrade dike protection from a 1:100 year level of protection to a 1:200 year level of protection.




City of Thompson Water and Waste Water Main Renewal

Rehabilitate approximately 13,804 metres of water pipes and 3,344 metres of waste water pipes throughout the City of Thompson to renew deteriorating water and waste water lines




Unorganized Territory, Manitoba Provincial Land

Wanipigow Dam Structure Replacement Project

Improve the structural condition of Wanipigow Dam to be able to maintain target water levels in Wanipigow Lake



Total federal, provincial, and proponent funding toward eligible costs