EDB sets up online learning system My Life Planning Portfolio (with photo)


     The Education Bureau (EDB) has enriched the contents of the Life Planning Information Website by setting up a thematic corner titled My Life Planning Portfolio (portfolio.lifeplanning.edb.gov.hk). The thematic corner is an online learning system which provides handy tools for students to conduct career aptitude assessments and create learning portfolios as well as information on life planning. Teaching resources on life planning are also made available for teachers to assist with students’ life planning.
     A spokesman for the EDB said today (August 4), “There are seven sections under the newly set up online learning system, namely Career Assessment (with various tools for career aptitude assessments), My E-lesson, Student Portfolio, Career Information and Video Clips, My Work Values game, Career Adventure Report and Professional Development Programme specifically designed for teachers.”
     The spokesman pointed out that the online learning system originated from the 10-year CLAP for Youth@JC project implemented by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust since 2015, under which an online platform was developed to support young people’s life planning and development. In response to the widespread use of the online platform by teachers and students in the first five years, the EDB has migrated certain functions of the platform to the My Life Planning Portfolio thematic corner on the Life Planning Information Website.
     The EDB has issued a circular memorandum to schools and encouraged them to make optimum use of the system to help students acquire a better understanding of their interests and strengths, and learn more about different articulation pathways for further studies and careers as well as positive work values, so that they could be well prepared for further studies or career pursuits.
     In recent years, the EDB has been proactively promoting life planning education and adopting various measures, including provision of additional resources, enhancement of teacher professional training and online resources, etc, to help students better understand their own interests, abilities and aspirations at an earlier stage.
     In addition, the EDB has also been collaborating with different business entities and community organisations under the Business-School Partnership Programme to provide students with diversified career exploration activities, with a view to equipping them with information about different industries and developing an appropriate attitude towards work.
     For details of life planning education, please visit the Life Planning Information Website of the EDB (lifeplanning.edb.gov.hk/en/index.html).