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Book Excellence Awards is an international book awards competition that recognizes books for their high-quality design, writing, and overall market appeal. Previous winners and finalists have experienced incredible benefits after receiving their awards, such as Forbes, TIME, and other famed networks.

“Shut Up!: Just Be a ‘Damn’ Man!” encompasses the sensation of hate, the anger of being ripped away from a childhood full of joy and pleasure, and the fear of trusting or loving as a normal person would.

Richard Blake reveals the reasons why abuses are used as a source for releasing anger that has pent up over the years. His book follows the life of a 4-year-old boy up to a man in his 60s. It is a cry of help when no one understands.

In the book, one can also discover the proper solutions for guilt and the humiliation experienced, helping you feel confident and gain a true sense of love. For the most part, it also serves as a conduit to voice the truth that even men are open to the abuses that society protects women from.

Abuse lurks everywhere, just waiting to strike. It does not distinguish age, gender, religion, or any other whatnot that mankind has created to box themselves in. This book can awaken eyes and minds everywhere, to help each individual become a good human being that contributes to creating a better world.

Shut Up!: Just Be a ‘Damn’ Man!
Written by Richard E. Blake
Published by Page Publishing, Inc.
Published Date: June 3, 2019 Paperback: $16.95

About the Author

Richard Earl Blake served in Vietnam as an infantryman in the USMC, and he was discharged with honor and now serves his community as a pastor. Giving much thanks to God gave him the courage to write his book.