The cooking ingredients and foods that are refrigerated in the cold storage room contain certain fat, protein and starch. The presence of these nutrients will make molds and bacteria multiply and grow. In order to do a good job in the management of cold storage room and to ensure the quality of refrigeration of food and cooking ingredients, it is necessary to conduct cold storage room sanitation and disinfection work on a regular basis. To remove mildew, mildew and disinfect the cold storage room, use acid disinfectant first.

The bactericidal effect of acid disinfectants is mainly to coagulate the protein in the bacteria. Common disinfectants include lactic acid, peracetic acid, bleaching powder, formalin and so on. The specific method is as follows: After the fish leaves the cold storage room, remove the frost layer on the evaporation tube group and keep the temperature of the warehouse below 50℃, and then prepare the vinegar according to the volume of 50 to 100 grams of vinegar per cubic meter of the cold storage room, and use a sprayer. Spray into the warehouse, first close the warehouse door tightly, and turn on the blower intermittently to let the vinegar volatilize and flow in the warehouse, so that the vinegar can absorb a lot of fishy smell.

Methods to eliminate odors in cold storage room.
The cause of the peculiar smell in the cold storage room. The so-called peculiar smell, that is, the cooking ingredients and food in the cold storage room will produce an abnormal smell through physical and chemical changes under the influence of external factors. This smell will adhere to the cold storage room over time. On walls, ceilings, equipment and tools. The peculiar smell in the cold storage room is generally due to the following reasons: There is a peculiar smell in the cold storage room before the food is entered. Before entering the cold storage room, the food has spoilage, such as spoiled eggs, meat, fish, etc. The cold storage room where the fish has been stored, the meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables and other foods are stored without washing, causing the smell to be infected and deteriorate. The cold storage room is not well ventilated, and the temperature and humidity are too high, causing molds to multiply and produce moldy odors. Leakage of the refrigeration pipes of the cold storage room, the refrigerant (ammonia) corrodes into the food and causes peculiar smell. The temperature in the cold storage room does not drop, causing the meat to go bad and putrefactive. This situation mostly occurs when fresh meat is not frozen or completely frozen and then transferred to storage. Foods with different odors are stored in a cold storage room room to prevent peculiar smells in the cold storage room. Foods that are put into the cold storage room for refrigeration must be inspected and can only be placed in storage if they are not deteriorated. The cold storage room warehouse shall not have any peculiar smell before the goods are purchased.

If there is a peculiar smell, it must be processed by technology to eliminate the peculiar smell before it can be used. It is usually necessary to strengthen the maintenance of refrigeration equipment, and it is strictly forbidden to dump and unload goods to prevent damage to the pipeline and cause refrigerant leakage. In the process of food cold processing, the cold storage room warehouse must be kept at a certain temperature, and frozen food must not be transferred or stored. If the temperature in the cold storage room room cannot drop, the cause should be found, and food processing should be carried out after troubleshooting. Foods that are contaminated with each other shall not be mixed and stored in the cold storage room.

The method of cold storage room to eliminate peculiar smell is ozone method. Ozone has a strong oxidizing effect, which can not only eliminate the peculiar smell of cold storage room warehouses, but also prevent the growth of microorganisms. The ozone generator can be used to eliminate the peculiar smell of the warehouse. If foods with a lot of fat are stored in the cold storage room, ozone treatment should not be used to avoid fat oxidation and rancidity. Formaldehyde method: remove the goods from the cold storage room warehouse and use 2% formaldehyde aqueous solution (that is, formalin solution) for disinfection and odor removal. Vinegar method: The cold storage room warehouse where the fish has been installed has a strong fishy smell. It is not suitable to load other foods, and other foods can only be loaded after thorough cleaning to eliminate fishy smell. The general way to remove the fishy smell is to use vinegar.


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