Your website is your new business card, and Colorado Web Impressions wants to help you maximize your potential for free.

Nearly every small business has a website to showcase their products, services, and business information. But for one Colorado web design company, they want help you grow by education.

Owner and founder of Colorado Web Impressions, Chris Heidlebaugh, explained the situation “I see hundreds of websites each and every week. Most websites are very good at sharing business information like phone number, hours of operation, and the company history. But with the ever changing landscape of technology, many websites fall short in sharing how their company can actually help someone. Many times it’s easy to want to share how many years a company has been in business, but not actually share what the company does to help a person. We simply want to offer an extra set of eyes and share our expertise with business owners”.

Mr. Heidlebaugh went on to share, “sometimes a simple change like having a services page or a contact form can increase the amount of leads a company gets quickly. You see many companies find themselves trying to prove their knowledge, and forget that having a mobile freindly website, call to actions, and a great user experience can go a long way with a potential customer”.

So how does an evaluation work? “We get phone calls, emails, and messages daily with requests. So our process is simple, we look at a website from the eyes of a consumer, but also a web developer. Then we make a video with our suggestions. There is no obligation and we don’t even talk about money or try to sell anyone. As a Christian led company, we simply want to share advice”.

If you are in Colorado and would like some free advice on your website, reach out to Colorado Web Impressions at

About Colorado Web Impressions

Founded in 2006, this Christian focused digital marketing agency has been helping Colorado small businesses succeed online with their services like Colorado SEO, WordPress Web Design, Social Media Marketing, and Digital Branding. Under the leadership of the current owner Chris Heidlebaugh, the Colorado Springs, Colorado company has helped small businesses in nearly 75 different industries throughout the state of Colorado, North America, and the Cayman Islands. To learn more about Colorado Web Impressions call them at 719-419-3935 or visit them at