Leisure and sleep specialist Bedsure and furniture retailer Harmati share a commitment to providing customers with comfortable and stylish home products at affordable prices. With summer and autumn being popular times for North Americans to have BBQs, the two companies have teamed up to help customers have a comfortable, relaxing and cozy experience at social events with family and friends.

Between April 2020 and February 2021, 14 million grills and smokers will sold in North America, “amounting to a 39% in dollar sales during the pandemic, compared to the same period a year ago.” In the aftermath of COVID-19, in the US and Canada, the traditional summer season for outdoor grilling and smoking has extended before (spring) and after (fall) it, because “[people] have turned pandemic-driven boredom into an opportunity to experiment with cooking.” With outdoor cooking comes the need for outdoor dining décor, furniture and accessories.

The main reasons people like BBQs are enjoying food flavor and the outdoor lifestyle, entertainment and socializing, convenience and health. To help people enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, socializing and entertainment of BBQs, Bedsure and Harmati offer customers stylish, functional and affordable products to make any BBQ fun and comfortable. Bedsure makes relaxation, leisure and sleep products for the way people live and help people to get that “extra bit of comfort throughout the day, affordably.” Harmati makes stylish, durable and practical furniture products to “create the home you always wanted.”

Both Bedsure and Harmati have a range of products that can are suited for both indoor and outdoor BBQs. Bedsure products include high quality and affordable pillows, pillowcases and blankets. Bedsure’s outdoor dining comfort products start from $31.99. Harmati’s current products that can be used in outdoor eating and entertaining areas include coffee and side tables as well as a comfy bench. Harmati’s furniture products for outdoor meals start at $69.99.

To help BBQ guests and family to recline comfortably against hard outdoor chairs, Bedsure offers Alternative Down Pillows. These are made from fluffy and durable alternative down polyester filling and soft brushed microfiber. They are hypoallergenic and available at 2 levels of softness and in different 3 sizes.

Bedsure has many blankets for indoor and outdoor use. This blanket feature 50% Bamboo and 50% Cotton fabric, which makes it soft, durable as well as breathable for warm weather. It comes in 4 sizes (from twin-sized to king-sized) and 6 colors (Khaki, Navy Blue, Orange, Gray, Sage Green and White). Bedsure bamboo and cotton blanket can be used to cover cold legs or even wrap a child up in to stay warm at night. A US customer named Avandrie had this to say about this Bedsure blanket:

“I found it to be very soft and cozy. When the blanket is unfolded, it is light weight, but when it is still halfway folded up, it’s the perfect weight (not too light, not too heavy). When I tossed it on the couch (yes, before even washing it) I buried under it and almost immediately warmed up. It will be amazing to bury myself in it after it comes fresh from the dryer… that’s saying I can steal it back from the cat! Good thing I bought 2!”

Harmati’s Atelier Coffee Table works well inside and outside as it has a top area for drinks and plates of food and a bottom platform for things like bottle openers, sparklers and extra cups. This stylish table features wood and renewable, fast-growing rattan materials, as well as smooth, rounded edges for safety.

For outdoor BBQ seating, Harmati’s Monty Ottoman Bench is suitable for sitting and socializing as well as for storage. It features a lift-away lid with easy-access storage space, perfect for household items, like extra blankets or kids’ toys. Also made with smooth rounded edges, Harmati’s Monty Bench has sturdy solid wood legs and high-density foam padding coated in smooth velvet. A customer from the US named Deloris P said this about the Monty Bench:

“The ottoman has a decent amount of storage. I keep extra bedding, a blanket, and the guest towels in it. The top stays in place, but is easy to take off and put back on. It is also very plush and velvety soft. So comfortable to sit on and a good height for putting on shoes.

Though I’m using it at the end of the bed, it’s such a pretty piece it can be used as a bench anywhere. […]

I’m very happy with my little darling find.”


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