Wings of the Monarch, a new book by Etana Jane, has been released by RoseDog Books.

As a child, she watched a monarch butterfly fight its way out of its cocoon. She watched as the tiny creature stumbled around, clinging to a branch as its crumpled, wet wings dried. She sat in awe as the monarch spread its beautiful wings and, for the first time, took flight.

Abigail is a traveling nurse dedicated to her job and rarely staying in any one place. That all changes when she transfers to a hospital in Clearwater, Florida. There she finds a true friend and lover in a beautiful fellow nurse who introduces her to the world of BDSM. Meanwhile, Abigail has no idea that at her last position across the country, she had become the Holy Grail for a Dominant who will stop at nothing to claim Abigail as her own.

Abigail finds herself in a whole new world full of secret fantasies and forbidden desires. As she learns the intimacies of BDSM, she finds hidden parts of herself she didn’t even know existed. Will Abigail stay the stumbling butterfly with wet wings clinging to the tree, or will she find the courage to spread her wings and fly?

Wings of the Monarch is a 248-page paperback with a retail price of $18.00 (eBook $13.00). The ISBN is 978-1-64957-951-5. It was published by RoseDog Books of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For more information, or to request a review copy, please go to our virtual pressroom at or our online bookstore at