Office Used Furniture, a company that prides itself on providing top-quality office space planning, is proud to announce the launch of its services in the New York City Area. The service has been designed to help businesses of any shape or size to replan their office space to meet their individual needs and requirements. Whether that’s using space wisely while bringing in more staff, accommodating social distancing guidelines, or simply giving the office space a revamp to make the environment more inviting and productive.

The service uses pre-owned office furniture in a push for more sustainable solutions within businesses. All furniture provided has been fully refurbished to make sure that it is up to the company’s high standards and expectations. Quality is ensured through a series of inspections that ensure that the furniture is safe to use and in good condition. Discoloration ripped fabric and other faults are deemed unacceptable and repaired or replaced before being offered to customers. If you would like any furniture to be specially refurbished to suit specific needs and requirements, Office Used Furniture will be happy to undertake these refurbishments on your behalf.

“It makes more sense when you are amidst the pandemic you know. We plan your space to adjust your needs to perfection using pre-owned furniture. Well, it not just saves money, but the environment too. Gives you the lowest depreciation value in your office infrastructure & you can navigate your funds on other aspects of your business” said Varun Bansal, Founder of Office used furniture, New York

Office Used Furniture has invited businesses in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut to browse their site for more information on the company and what they can offer.