Las Vegas NAACP Receives Donation

Las Vegas NAACP Receives Donation

LAS VEGASJuly 19, 2021PRLog A multi-cultural group of New York Life insurance agents recently participated in the Stepping Forward Walkathon from May 10 – June 13. The group raised $8037 to educate the community about the importance of health and wellness. Proceeds from the fundraiser were donated to NAACP Las Vegas, an organization that works to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights for all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and discrimination.

“Agents from the African American Market Unit of New York Life committed to walking thirty minutes every day in observance of Stroke Awareness Month,” said Jemond White, the organizer of the Walkathon who is also a New York Life insurance agent. “We also walked to honor Cirilio McSween the first black life  insurance agent from a major carrier in the United States. He is an inspiration to us all because of his extraordinary accomplishments as a New York Life agent and the tremendous contributions he made in the pursuit of racial equality.”

“The African American Market Unit collaborated with the New York Life Foundation to sponsor the Walkathon. We decided to donate to NAACP Las Vegas to help teach our people the importance of health and wellness. Education is extremely important because it helps us make better choices.”

Roxann McCoy, the President of NAACP Branch #1111, Las Vegas said she is “truly humbled” by the support of New York Life.

“Their donation today of $8,037 will be earmarked to support our Health Committee; thereby allowing extraordinary outreach to our community members who are in need.  Their further commitment to serve as active members in our organization does not go unnoticed by members of our Executive Board.  We look forward to what the future holds for this partnership and move forward with the expectation that this is simply the beginning.”

White said that he and his fellow agents want more opportunities to educate people within marginalized communities about financial matters.

“Members of the AAMU like myself, and various agents of New York Life’s other cultural markets, are actively seeking to have more financially relevant conversations with individuals, families, business owners and professionals of Color and Culture in our varied markets. I want those who identify with communities of people who are routinely marginalized, in NAACP’s case, People of Color, to learn, benefit from, and pass along these potentially life changing, legacy building financial strategies. In this way, we can infuse vitamins and nourishment into the places where we live, work, play and call home.”

“Insurance is the most efficient financial tool to pass on generational wealth, but it isn’t the whole story.  We are committed to educating our people about the strategies they can utilize to build financial legacies.”

To contact Jemond White, call (702) 900-7825 or (702) 796-2000. You can also email him at