Best Seller Publishing announces the release of Lorenzo Brunetti’s new #1 international best-selling book, “God is Not a God of Religion.” It will be available for free download in the Amazon Kindle Store for one more day, July 16th.

“God Is Not A God Of Religion” is Gods word for this next decade. Having a relationship with everything and everyone else we have lost sight of our most important relationship which is with our creator. This book has been inspired by God to show that there is a distinct difference between religion and relationship. For far too long God has been defined synonymous with religion which has led people to a great deception. The reason being is that the false form of something can never give you the tangible substance of that which you seek after. This is why we must detach ourselves from religion because it is the false form of God. Religion provides you with rules but no relationship. This book is designed to put the focus back on relationship with God! No matter where you are in your life; whether you have a strong relationship, no relationship, lost relationship, weak relationship, don’t even know where to start…… this book is for you. The powerful thing about this book is that it covers all spectrums no matter where you are and most importantly if you are bound by religion this book will truly destroy that bondage!

“God is Not a God of Religion” by Lorenzo Brunetti is free and available for download on Amazon for on more day (07/16/2021) at:

“God is Not a God of Religion” has a 5-star rating on, here’s what some people are saying:

“Did not miss the mark in any sentence. The crafting of this literature demonstrates urgency, with no filler words or sentences, but everything pure. Rating and reviewing a piece is always subjective, but with revelation, you’ll find this book to hold information vital to building an intimate relationship with God.” – Joshua R.

“I’d been thinking about the concept of relationship with God vs religion when I came across this title. While a commonly talked about (and preached about) topic, the author takes both a unique approach and comes to a unique conclusion that defies the Christian cliches about ’relationship with God.’ This book is clear, concise, and specific about the problems facing the church and the culture at large in these unusual times and what the root causes are. There is a boldness in the style and the theology that left me feeling challenged to learning to discern and DO the will of God for my own life as part of His larger work in the world. I’d recommend this book to people who feel a stirring in their spirit to seek God for something more.” – Ben S.

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Lorenzo Brunetti is a man whom God has sent with a powerful message of reformation. A former model God changed his life not through any religious orga nization but by a real supernatural encounter with God. Now as a full time minister he travels and serves with a desire to see real people has an encounter with a real God.