The audio version of Generations Deep includes bonus interviews with a trauma coach, a neuro-rehabilitation psychologist, an executive pastor, an epigenetic scientist and researcher, a clinical social worker, and a best-selling author – each sharing their personal and professional experiences on generational patterns. So, listeners miss none of the of the journal prompts, questionnaires, inventories or charts from the book, there are downloadable PDFs on the book’s website, The audiobook is narrated by Gina.

Generations Deep soared to bestseller status upon its release in Amazon’s Christian Self-Help and Personal Growth categories. It has received critical acclaim by reviewers and professionals. The book is a finalist for the Christian Indie Book Award (CIBA) in the personal growth category. Generations Deep has also been nominated for the illumination Book Awards, Living Now Book Awards, Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards, and the Benjamin Franklin Book Award.

“I am thrilled to announce the release of the audiobook version of Generations Deep,” said Gina Birkemeier, LPC. “Originally, I was not planning upon doing an audio version but within hours after the release of the printed version of the book, I had hundreds of requests for an audio version of the book and knew that I had to do one that would allow me to share the book’s powerful message with an even larger audience.

“Generations Deep is about connecting the dots; about showing how patterns-beliefs, behaviors, ideas, identity and styles of relating are passed down, and creating awareness and understating,” continued Birkemeier. “And finally, it’s about redemption, things that help us heal and what it looks like to include Jesus in the journey. It’s about learning how trauma impacts us at a cellular level- but so does the healing.

“It is my hope that Generations Deep will change the conversations in families, help create awareness, and help to end generational shame and dysfunction,” concluded Birkemeier. “I want to see God move and help each of us lock arms to start a healing revolution, for ourselves and for the generations that come after us.”

Faith and therapy played important roles in Gina’s personal healing as she writes in Generations Deep. Today with nearly two decades of experience in counseling and ministry, she uses this knowledge to guide individuals on how to do their own work and heal from inherited behaviors. She shows that the wheel can be broken, and readers can shed the chains of inherited behaviors that are destructive and live a better life and pass that life on to generations yet to come. Generations Deep will leave the reader energized and empowered to break the wheel.

About the author

Gina Birkemeier is a nationally renowned licensed professional counselor, author, and speaker. Gina approaches her field with a specific purpose to help people find the freedom to be who they were created to be. In her practice, Gina draws upon her professional background in counseling and the ministry to assist others to break the bonds of previous generations and live an enriching and productive life.

Gina holds a master’s degree in counseling and theology from Covenant Theological Seminary. She is a therapist in Saint Louis, Missouri. Gina speaks about topics related to shame, generational trauma, and behavioral epigenetics and is available for speaking engagements and book clubs.