Author Sarah Kennedy is pleased to announce the promotion of her award-winning fantasy series, The Prophecy of Hope Saga.


Prophecy of Hope Book 1

From the creative and highly imaginative author Sarah Kennedy comes a thrilling saga that unravels the ancient battle between the virtuous and the wicked that threatens to destroy all of humankind!


Prequel to Prophecy of Hope

Flame is the most mysterious and powerful entity in the universe. It is life, power. . .everything or so Sgarrwrath believes


Prophecy of Hope, Book 2

An ancient evil.

A Promised King.

A world besieged.

All three books are available for purchase in print and ebook formats.

About the Author:

Sarah Kennedy is the author of the award-winning fantasy series, The Prophecy of Hope Saga. Every word is a beat of her heart, and she loves the spilling of ink which connects the two. Her favorite part of the process is the euphoria that comes when her characters surprise her. It is then she knows the story is truly alive. She currently resides in Pennsylvania with her family and a small clowder of cats. Let the dragons fly and the saga continue!







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