Pearson Media Group has made a reputation for itself in the business by providing people with the highest quality outputs in written works and presentations delivered on a digital platform.

The organization is a firm believer in the ability of writers to exhibit their skills, regardless of what industry they come from. In collaboration with a great children’s story writer, Ellie Oop gives you “Thank You, Me,” a definitive book for kids which teaches them how to appreciate things in a small and simple way.

“Thank you, Me” is a verse book for children that talks about how to be grateful to our bodies.

Ellie, the author, puts the gratification words in verses through books that are appealing to children.

“Thank You, Me”  is a smart method for young children and their parents to learn about their amazing bodies in a fun and engaging manner. There is a means in which the tale may assist a small person in appreciating and acknowledging the body that they have. In the book, there are little portions that touch the parts from their “Squints” which is the eyes, all the way down to their “Tickers” which is the heart.

Each of the small phrases has a beautiful smooth rhythm to it, that sways in poetic prose and aids youngsters in remembering the words as well as lulling and relaxing them to sleep. The graphics effectively convey the action taking place on the page.

Ellie’s illustration book is an excellent option for kids to read and learn. It also teaches them how to be grateful in some simple ways starting in their own body.

This is a great activity for young children who are learning about their bodies. Placing this as a wonderful addition to childhood right next to your children’s bookshelves will make them smile.

“Thank you, Me”
Author: Ellie Oop
Published Date: January 29, 2019
Paperback: $ 1.33

About the Author:

Ellie Oop created this illustration book one evening in the shower. She made her self-appreciation discovery while her hands were scrubbing her legs. Then her awareness of her silent, always-caring self-kicked in.