Credit expert Sam Gordon is one of America’s youngest credit experts. He is the owner of is based in Orlando, Florida, and was first launched in 2019. They provide free consultations and work on a wide range of credit issues that have helped over a hundred clients bounce back from poor credit to excellent credit scores.

Sam recognizes that several people struggle with bad credit because they did not learn how to manage their credit; many people often keep it a secret or give this information of for free. However, he is aware of the intricacies of credit and is dedicated to helping people start life independently and gain financial freedom to acquire assets and start businesses. provides various membership options, including free credit analysis services, access to mortgage lenders, business credit and personal credit building, and personal credit dispute letter services. Consumers can also book an appointment to speak with a Credit Analyst about improving their credit score.

At just twenty-two (22) years old, Sam was inspired to start this business because he wanted to learn how to purchase assets and income-producing investments, and he learned about credit. He acquired three credit cards and received a score of 720 after the first month of his credit journey and has been teaching people how to build credit and earn income ever since.

Sam attends Valencia College in Orlando, Florida, for Health Administration and helps business owners and consumers build credit for more capital to invest in their business or big purchases. Sam also helps first-time home buyers get approved for loans.

As the founder of Creditflyers, it is Sam’s mission to share his extensive knowledge of credit management. He is passionate about individuals being in a better financial position by taking charge of how they handle their credit.

Because of this passion, Sam has shared tips for consumers regarding improving their credit scores. He believes that credit cards can help to improve your credit score. They are a tool to use for credit, and if consumers have a credit card, he urges them to use a self-credit builder in the interim.

Sam also believes that it is essential to always pay bills on time regarding utilities, business loans, or mortgages. This is crucial because you need an excellent payment history; the best chance to be approved for any big purchase or credit card is to have a credit record that proves you would be a safe credit risk. Additionally, Sam urges consumers to ensure their income matches the mortgage they are trying to get approved for because lenders look at their debt-to-income ratio.

His final piece of advice was to keep the utilization of credit cards under ten percent (10%) of every credit card and add tradelines to your credit to strengthen your credit score.

For those interested in these services and want to improve their credit scores immensely to meet their financial goals, is available to help them. They are also available on Instagram, where they post updates and offer professional and sound financial advice.

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