Masoud Shafaghi successful Iranian inventor – he is Strategic Planning and Executive Office Manager at International Federation of Inventors Associations,IFIA Office.

Geneva, Geneve Jul 7, 2021 (  – Masoud Shafaghi (Persian: مسعود شفقی , born 31 August 1985) is an Iranian inventor and has been awarded numerous national and international awards. He is Strategic Planning and Executive Office Manager at the International Federation of Inventors Associations, a non-profit organization founded in 1968 IFIA Office in Geneva- Switzerland.

Masoud Shafaghi, Executive Office Manager[1] of International Federation of Inventors Association- IFIA Office in Geneva- Switzerland (2021- present), holding the position of Strategic Planning and Coordination Manager at International Federation of Inventors Association- IFIA (2014- present).

Masoud has been awarded honorary diplomas from Germany, Kuwait, Switzerland, Croatia, Romania, Russia and Belgium since 2008. He has also won awards and medals at many top competitions and exhibitions including Germany, Belgium, Russia, Malaysia, South Korea, International Federation of Inventors Association – IFIA, Iran, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia, West Asia.

He is currently a consultant on personal branding, marketing and trade. In addition to lecturing at the TED talk series, he was also invited to speak at several world-renowned universities in Canada. Masoud has served as a mental advisor to a large number of inventors in their own countries and internationally that they have done a lot to achieve international success today. He is a high skilled international speaker who raises awareness among the audience in several areas such as: inventions, personal branding, strategic management, entrepreneurship and sustainable integration of people with disabilities. Masoud is also coaches many special innovators around the world.

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